Four Reasons to Love Root Canals (or at Least Not Fear Them)

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If you buy into the conventional wisdom, you may think a root canal is a form of torture disguised as a dental procedure. This myth is so deeply ingrained in our culture, the term “root canal” has become synonymous with the idea of an unpleasant experience.

But, whatever the *ahem* “roots” of this association, today’s root canals are easy-breezy and practically painless. And a root canal is often necessary to save a tooth.

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1)A root canal will stop your pain. That’s right. A root canal doesn’t cause pain, it stops it in its tracks. If you are having a root canal, that means the pulp of your tooth is infected. And chances are, it hurts. A lot. It may be sensitive to hot or cold, it may hurt when you bite down, the pain may be dull and lingering or intense. The root canal procedure will remove all of that inflamed and infected material and get your mouth back to health.

2) A root canal will save your tooth. If the tooth is infected, a root canal may be your only hope of preserving it. Why not just get the tooth pulled, you may be wondering. For one thing, an extraction is much more unpleasant than a root canal. And that’s not counting the invasive and costly dental implant or other restoration that will be required to replace the tooth. And all of that for an inferior product. Because when it comes to eating and other functionality, there is just no better option than the real thing.

3) A root canal prevents infection from spreading. Left unchecked, the bacteria from an infected or abscessed tooth can spread from inside the tooth to your jaw, neck, or even into your blood in an extremely dangerous condition called sepsis. Now, we aren’t trying to scare you. We just want you to know that it’s very important to get that infected tooth treated immediately!

4) A root canal procedure is not painful. There, we said it. Whatever you’ve heard, whatever its fearsome reputation, a root canal is not so bad. Most patients say it is no more uncomfortable than getting a regular old filling. And it’s certainly a walk in the park compared to dealing with the pain of an abscessed tooth! So what’s with this persistent myth about root canals being painful, anyway? Well, it’s possible that in the bad old days of dentistry, root canals were unpleasant to sit through. But thanks to modern anesthesia, techniques, and technology, today they are faster, less invasive, and essentially painless.


What Will Happen During My Root Canal?

So you’re over the fear, and are ready for your root canal. What can you expect? You will receive local anesthesia to numb the area before your procedure. At Synergy Dental Center, we also offer two additional types of sedation (nitrous oxide and oral) in case you think you’ll need a little extra to take the edge off your nerves.

Dr. Porter will drill a small hole in your tooth in order to access the tooth chamber. Through this hole, he will meticulously remove all of the infected tissue, including the nerves. After this, the tooth will be incapable of causing pain. After cleaning and disinfecting the cavity, the doctor will fill it with an inert, rubber-like material called gutta-percha. He will then seal the tooth. The tooth will require a crown or a filling after the root canal procedure.

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