You may know dental implants are a great option for replacing many teeth. Still, you may have concerns about the cost, living without teeth while implants heal, or other factors. The good news is, All-on-4® treatment can be a great way to get your new smile!

To see if you’re a candidate for this treatment, which uses fewer implants than many other full-mouth procedures, call us today at 307 228 7117 (Gillette, WY) or 605 702 2533 (Sturgis, SD). 

In the meantime, see some of the reasons you may want to consider All-on-4 implants:

  • See Results Right Away – For your All-on-4 procedure, Dr. Porter will insert four implants (or six, if needed) into your jaw. He’ll attach an arch of teeth to them. So you’ll leave our office with a full smile. The teeth are temporary, but you can use them for eating and other functions while your implants heal. You’ll return to our office after healing is complete for your more permanent teeth. 
  • Fewer Implants Mean Faster Healing – In some cases, eight or more dental implants are used to secure implant dentures. The All-on-4’s special placement technique makes it possible to use fewer implants. Since the treatment is less invasive, you’ll heal more quickly. 
  • Pay Less for Your Implant Procedure – Another benefit of using fewer implants is typically an overall lower cost. 
  • Get Great Benefits From Implants – Dental implants offer many benefits over standard dentures. Stimulation from the implants keeps your jawbone strong. You won’t suffer the bone loss that makes you look older. Implants also keep your teeth firmly in place, with no adhesive needed. You’ll be able to eat a greater variety of food, which can improve your overall health. Plus, you keep your new teeth clean with regular brushing and flossing. No special cleaning solutions or routines are needed.
  • Trust Your Treatment to Our Expertise – Dr. Porter is a graduate of the prestigious Misch Implant Institute and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Unlike most dentists, he has experience in using non-metal zirconia implants. At our practice, you have the option of receiving IV sedation for your All-on-4 procedure. It’s one of three forms of sedation we offer, along with laughing gas and oral sedation. 

Interested in All-on-4 treatment in Gillette, WY? Call Synergy Dental Center today at 307 228 7117 or schedule online. You can get All-on-4 implants in our Sturgis, SD office too. Call 605 702 2533 or schedule online.