5 Teeth Friendly Foods to Help Your Smile

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Synergy Dental Center serves patients in the Gillette, WY community to make sure that everyone has the chance at having the kind of smile they deserve. One way we do that is through educating our patients on how they can help themselves through their diet. Nutritional counseling is a great way to help you improve the look and health of your smile. Call Synergy Dental Center office today, and get the help you need to improve your smile.  

5 Healthy Foods to Help Your Teeth

What you eat has an impact on more than just your waistline. You can give your oral health a real boost by adding certain foods to your diet. Synergy Dental Center will help you in any way we can, and one of those ways is nutritional counseling. Here are some foods that will help make your smile as healthy as it should be.


  • Apples


Apples are one of the easiest foods to eat. You can eat them in the car, as a snack at work, pretty much anywhere and anytime. Apples are one of the best foods for your teeth. Considered to be nature’s toothbrush, apples are great for keeping your teeth clean. Apples have a unique texture that scrapes the surface of your teeth to clear them of debris and dangerous sugars.

Besides the way apples clean your teeth, they are also a healthy snack for your body. Packed with vitamin C, adding apples to your diet can help improve your overall health. Plus, they taste great, and the natural sugars contained in apples is much easier for your body to burn than the processed sugars found in other sweet treats.


  • Celery


One of the most efficient ways to wash the sugars and food particles from the surface of your teeth is water, and celery has a ton of water in them. As you eat them, you will feel the way the celery stick irrigates your mouth. You will also notice that celery is stringy as you eat it. These strings help to clean the hard to reach areas in between your teeth, much like dental floss. You also get the benefit of the vitamins A and C found in celery. These help improve your gum health, and keep your teeth safe.


  • Yogurt


Yogurt is another food that is awesome for the health of your teeth. As a dairy product, yogurt has calcium and protein to help build up your tooth enamel and keep your teeth safe from tooth decay. Yogurt is also great for your gum health. Gum disease is an infection caused by bacteria buildup in your gum tissue. This infection will destroy your gum tissue and steal the support your teeth need.

Synergy Dental Center can treat your gum disease, and get your mouth back to being healthy, but we would rather you not have to deal with this problem in the first place. Yogurt contains probiotics (healthy digestive bacteria) that crowd out the bad bacteria that are responsible for gum disease. It is important that you choose plain yogurt, so you don’t have the added sugars from the flavored kind. Pair it with some fruit or granola to make a tasty snack that is great for your teeth.


  • Cheese


Another member of the dairy family, cheese gives you the one-two punch of protein and calcium that helps your tooth enamel. Cheese tastes great, goes with almost everything, and also increases the pH level inside of your mouth. This increase helps protect your teeth against tooth decay. Also, the way you chew cheese increases the saliva production in your mouth, which is always a great thing for your dental health.


  • Almonds


Protein and calcium are very important for the health of your teeth. They help build up the strength of your tooth enamel, and your enamel is the frontline defense of your teeth against tooth decay. But, if you don’t like dairy products or have a hard time digesting dairy, how are you supposed to get these needed building blocks for your teeth?

Almonds are an option. They are a great source of both calcium and protein. Almonds are also a tasty addition to almost every meal. Almonds go well on a bowl of cereal, add pizzazz to your lunch salad, and are amazing on on grilled chicken or fish for dinner.

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