Can Clear Aligners Save My Smile? [BLOG]

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Here at Synergy Dental Center, we’re not like everybody else, and our treatments are not like everyone else’s. For example, you won’t believe how different clear aligners are from the more conventional orthodontic treatments. We’ve been paying attention to these sort of innovations and that’s why we currently offer two different methods: ClearCorrect and Invisalign. Both options are great for patients who want quick and discreet smile transformations. Keep reading to hear more about how our clear aligners work and then be sure to call us at 307-682-3100 to request your consultation in Gillette, WY

There Is No Metal

The big thing you will notice is that clear aligner treatment programs leave the awkward metal brackets and wires out of the picture.

This modern method can get the necessary work done through a series of clear plastic aligner trays. Your clear aligners aligners can be switched out at home (by you) every two weeks or so, thus eliminating the need for in-office adjustments and time off of work or school. Trust us, those standard orthodontic adjustments are not always a pleasant experience for patients. So, this is definitely a win for you!

Discreet Process

No one wants to call attention to their problematic smile. But no one really wants others to know that there is a major overhaul in progress, either. Thankfully, your aligners are virtually invisible which means that they won’t be noticed by anyone who might be looking.

Manageable Transformation

The aligners are far more comfortable to wear than classic metal braces, and they won’t cause any bleeding or mouth sores along the way.

They aren’t permanently affixed to your mouth so you can take them out at for all of your meal times. That means no dietary restrictions for you.

On a somewhat related note, cleaning your equipment is a breeze. No special tools will be needed.

Perhaps the best part is that with either ClearCorrect or Invisalign you won’t have to wait around 2-3 years to see the difference the treatment will make in your smile. You can expect stunning results, with Dr. Porter directing your treatment, in only about 12 months!

Good For Your Health

Concerns about function and appearance are the number one factor behind patients opting to begin an orthodontic treatment. But such a decision is also a great move for your continued well-being too. Here are a few examples.


An overbite can place extra stress on your teeth and lead to worn-down or cracked teeth. Clear aligners handle your bite problems now saving you time and expense down the road.

Crowded Teeth

Sure crowded teeth look bad and bring down your overall appearance. But did you know that crowded teeth can actually increase your chances of developing gum disease? Teeth that are too close together are difficult to keep clean. Bacteria will be able to avoid your toothbrush and dental floss. As the dangerous plaque builds up and causes inflammation and infection, tooth loss and other health issues can result. Better to get ahead of all that with a clear aligner treatment.

Gapped Teeth

Gaps in your smile will be hard for others to overlook. But that’s not the worst part of the problem. Your individual teeth will not be adequately protected by the surrounding teeth as long as those spaces are there. Clear aligners can help you hold onto your natural teeth by shifting things into better placement.

Easy To Get Started

Sounds simple, right? The only way to know if clear aligners could work for you is to come in for a consultation appointment so that Dr. Porter assess your unique situation. Call Synergy Dental Center in Gillette, WY today at 307-682-3100 or fill out our online form to request your next appointment.


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