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At the Synergy Dental Center, we provide our patients with the best that preventive dentistry can offer, including regular cleanings and exams, cavity detection, oral cancer screenings, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments.

In today’s post, we wanted to examine the benefits of fluoride. Keep reading and then be sure to get in touch to schedule your next appointment at our Gillette, WY dentist’s office. Dr. Porter will get you smiling big again in no time.

Fluoride Saves Your Smile

Here’s the story: when oral bacteria gathers on your teeth, it creates a clingy film known as plaque. And the dangerous bacteria in plaque feeds on sugar from your food and changes it into acid that corrodes your tooth enamel and causes decay.

This is how cavities takes shape, and if this situation is not treated sooner rather than later, you could be facing big problems like root canals and extractions. Those things won’t be as easy as a preventive visit to our office every 3-6 months.

But wait, it gets worse, once that bacteria advances under your gum-line, you could be dealing with gingivitis and periodontal disease, two stages of gum disease that have nasty (and far-reaching) consequences for your mouth and possibly your entire body. Gum disease is actually the #1 cause of tooth loss in adults (living in the U.S.) and it has been linked with all sorts of other health problems that unfold once it gets loose in your bloodstream.

Fortunately, fluoride has been effective at stopping this process dead in its tracks. Fluoride actually forms its own protective film on your teeth. This film thwarts the bacteria’s ability to stick together, which makes it nearly impossible for plaque to gain a foothold on your teeth.

More than that, fluoride can actually inhibit the conversion of sugar into acid, buying you some more time to fight off the bacteria. And it aids in a process known as remineralization, wherein your body uses calcium to replace the minerals lost from the early stages of tooth decay.

Additionally, fluoride that is swallowed helps children’s teeth to build strong enamel. This allows them to avoid many would-have-been cavities, saving you time and expense, not to mention pain and suffering.

In the end, fluoride protects your teeth and helps repair damage that has already happened. Accordingly, it should be included regularly in your oral hygiene routine!

How To Get Fluoride Treatments In Gillette, WY

If you are naturally at a higher risk of developing cavities, our Gillette, WY dental team may recommend special toothpastes, mouth rinses, brushes along with more frequent cleaning appointments. We can even set you up with an intensive fluoride treatment that can also help rebuild damaged parts of your teeth and strengthen the enamel.

Fluoride is a natural compound that prevents tooth decay, strengthens teeth, and reduces oversensitivity. You will definitely want some more of that kind of help! That’s precisely why we are here.

Learn More, Get Started!

There couldn’t be a better time to get serious about oral health. Don’t put off the protection that is so easy to get. Rather than that, you can contact us today to schedule a preventive appointment at Synergy Dental Center of Gillette, Wyoming!


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