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Dental implants Can Change Your Life {Video}

  • January 25, 2017

Frustrated with missing teeth or slippery dentures? Your Gillette WY dentist is here to help resolve your issues with missing teeth. We can resolve this severe dental complication with one treatment: dental implants.

At our Gillette dental office, we use dental implants to replace single missing teeth and to stabilize dentures. Our dental implants merge with the jawbone to create a stabilize environment for your new permanent teeth.

Today I want to share a story from a patient Cindy. She had a few problems with her teeth over the years and eventually lost a tooth. She was nervous about our implants and decided on a partial denture. She never got comfortable with the partial. I’ll let her tell you the rest of the story:

We were proud to help Cindy with her smile. She doesn’t have to worry about a gap in her teeth. She doesn’t have to worry about the restoration falling out of her mouth. And best of all, she can be confident EVERY TIME she smiles. If you are struggling with something similar to Cindy, call our office today 307-622-1311.


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