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Does the thought of going to the dentist’s office make your palms sweaty? When you do get around to making that appointment, do you lie in bed the night before your visit, unable to sleep? If that describes you, you are far from alone. Dental anxiety is rampant in our society — up to 20% of Americans fear the dentist so much, they actually avoid going.

Dental anxiety may be rooted in a fear of pain, drilling, or needles; in embarrassment at the state of the one’s teeth; in a sense of helplessness or lack of control; or in a negative experience in the person’s past.

But the best thing someone with dental anxiety can do is to visit the dentist regularly, every six months. Because good preventive care is key to staving off tooth decay and gum disease. When you don’t go as often as you should, you risk running into problems, which make for more invasive treatments when you do finally get to the dreaded dentist’s office.

The good news is that dentistry has progressed a lot over the past few decades. Procedures are digitized, less invasive, faster, and far more comfortable.

At Synergy Dental Center, we adopt technology that enables us to provide better clinical care and that offers you, the patient, a more pleasant experience. We strive to make every aspect of our practice geared toward maximum patient comfort — from our friendly, compassionate staff to our beautiful office to our menu of amenities. It’s just what you need to put your dental anxiety in the past.

If you live in the Gillette, WY area, call Synergy Dental Center at 307-682-3100 to book an appointment.


The Office

Synergy Dental Center’s state-of-the-art office, located in beautiful Gillette, WY, is decorated in serene, calming colors. We have a comfortable waiting room with video games for the kids (and kids at heart!). When it’s your turn to see the doctor or hygienist, you will be settled into one of our two spacious private operatories.


The Synergy Dental Center Team

The staff at Synergy Dental Center is exceptional. Each team member is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Plus, we know how to treat people. We are friendly, warm, and welcoming to all patients. And we are especially skilled at making people with dental anxiety feel at ease.

And bring on the kids! We will have so much fun with them, they may forget they are at the dentist’s office. This not only gets them through their visit without fear, but helps them develop a positive impression of the dentist that will hopefully last for the rest of their lives.


A Comfort Menu of Amenities

At Synergy Dental Center, we try to avoid the cold, clinical feeling of the typical medical office. In fact, you may wonder if you are at the dentist or at a spa! Our comfortable private operatories boast heated massage chairs to release the tension from your muscles. We provide head and neck massages and warm water rinses to relax and soothe your mind and body. Plus we offer televisions and music for your entertainment (and distraction, of course).


Dental Technology Benefits Patients

The field of dentistry has been revolutionized by technological advances. Procedures that, in the past, were uncomfortable or even painful (and were responsible for who knows how many cases of dental anxiety) have been rendered practically pain-free. Computers have made diagnosis and treatments faster, easier, and less invasive. At Synergy Dental Center, we are always on the lookout for new equipment and techniques to offer our patients improved care and a better experience.

  • Our Cone Beam CT Scanner enables us to generate three-dimensional images of your soft tissues and bone. This enables us to get a clear picture of your facial structure for precise treatment planning.
  • We are able to create your dental crowns right here in our office with the E4D system. After taking digital impressions (much easier than the traditional impression process!), the computer mills your crown in the office while you wait. So you don’t have to wear a temporary crown for several weeks while your restoration is crafted at an outside lab.
  • Regular dental X-rays are an essential component of checkups and preventive care. Our digital X-ray machine delivers excellent picture quality while exposing you to far less radiation than conventional X-rays.


At Synergy Dental Center, your comfort is our priority. We have the amenities, people skills, and technology — plus dental sedation — to ease the anxiety of even the most nervous patients. To book an appointment, fill out our handy online form or call our Gillette, WY office at 307-682-3100.



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