The Health Benefits Of Braces

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When you think of braces, you might think they’re for straightening the teeth and giving you a gorgeous smile. While that’s true, there are also many health benefits of braces.

At Synergy Dental Care in Gillette, WY, we can talk to you about what braces can do for your smile and your health.

Some benefits include:

Reducing tooth decay and gum disease. When teeth are crowded or crooked, they can create spaces where food can get trapped.

Correcting jaw disorders. When teeth are misaligned, your jaw will try to self-correct. Over time, that can lead to jaw disorders such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Braces can correct those bite issues.

Improving speech. If you have teeth that are pushed too far forward or backward, you could develop a speech problem. Moving teeth into alignment with braces can resolve or prevent speech issues.

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