Huge Benefits of Same-Day Crowns  

Dentistry has made huge gains over the past several years, and our Gillette, WY dental team is constantly adapting. It seems like every few years something comes along that changes the landscape of our profession. A few years ago, that was same-day crowns.

There are millions of crowns placed around the country every year, and most of these crowns require two to three visits. The dentist needs to prepare the tooth, take the impression, and then you’ll wear a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being fabricated. That usually takes a few weeks.  There are a lot of steps to placing a crown, but we have found a way to complete all of these steps in one, 90-minute dental appointment.

Today I want to breakdown the ways in which same-day crowns can help you!

Reduce time in the dental chair 

A typical crown placement takes about two to three visits. Most dental offices will prepare the tooth, take a goopy impression of the area, and place a temporary crown. Your next visit is for the permanent crown placement. The reason is that it takes time to fabricate a crown, and most dental offices don’t have dental labs on-site. OurCEREC dental crown technology includes a digital scans and a special milling station. The milling station is essentially a small dental lab. Once we take a digital impression and then send it to the milling station. You can sit and relax while your crown is being crafted.

Don’t bother with temporary crowns

I’ve placed countless crowns in my dental career, both traditional crowns and same-day crowns. Patients have told me about how miserable they were with temporary crowns. It’s part of the reason I try to avoid temporary crowns when I can. Temporary crowns can be a hassle because they are generally smaller than the permanent crown and are not as lifelike. Because temporary crowns are made on the spot and typically with acrylic material, they simply aren’t the quality of permanent crowns. You also need to watch what you eat with temporary crowns. I’ve heard horror stories from patients who have told me about temporary crowns actually dislodging.

You’ll have a solid crown!

CEREC same-day crowns are fast but not cheap. We fashion the crown from a solid chunk of ceramic material. All-ceramic crowns are incredibly strong, durable, and longlasting. For decades, dentists placed crowns that were made from ceramic material — usually porcelain — fused to metal. These can be great crowns, but porcelain, while incredibly lifelike, isn’t as strong as solid ceramic material. Also, when metal is used for the crown, some patients develop a faint grey line around the gum line.

Restore Your Smile With Dr. Porter

There are a number of reasons a person might need a crown: tooth decay, tooth fractures, or even after a root canal. We use crowns to restore the smile and for cosmetic dental purposes. They truly are one of the more versatile tools in dentistry, and now, they can be placed quickly.

Contact us today if your teeth need some attention. We would love to meet and discuss your smile goals. You can call 307-414-1879.

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