Invisalign Is Clearly Better Than Braces

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Adults with crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth typically are surprised to hear that orthodontics can help them too. Even so, they usually don’t want to deal with a 2-3 year commitment. What’s more, they don’t want to be seen around the office with shiny metal and wire braces. It’s alright if you feel the same way because we have just the thing for you: Invisalign.

This orthodontic treatment program doesn’t require wire or any metal whatsoever in your mouth and the process usually wraps up in a matter of months, depending on the severity of your situation when we get started.

Essentially what we are saying is that you can have a radical smile transformation without any discomfort or ongoing embarrassment. Keep reading to hear all about it, and then be sure to get in touch with our Synergy Dental Center team to schedule your consultation with Dr. Porter.

Appearance Counts

Like we said, grown-ups often skip orthodontic improvements because they think braces are for kids and that it is probably too late in life to change their situation for the better. That is simply the wrong way to look at it.

Regardless of age, everyone deserves a smile that they are proud to share with the people that cross their path, one that consists of healthy teeth. You see, teeth that are misaligned are a pain to keep clean which can lead to all sorts of issues such as bad breath, decay, and chipped teeth.

And when you are embarrassed by your smile, you will be less likely to use it and you will probably avoid social situations. The combination of withdrawing and not smiling will give people the impression that you are disinterested and unfriendly. Obviously, this is not going to be good for your professional or personal growth.

Here’s some good news: we can help you get Invisalign treatment right here in our Gillette, WY dental office. Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign clear aligners have these advantages…

The Aligners Fit Comfortably

The smooth plastic surfaces feel more like a mouthguard than braces, and they will be gentle and soft as they straighten things out in your mouth.

The Gear Is Easy To Clean

Invisalign aligners are removable and so they are very easy to keep clean. You can pop them out when you eat and need to brush, and all you really ever have to do is rinse them off to keep them fresh.

It’s Decidedly Subtle

According to the majority of folks we treat, the best feature of Invisalign clear aligners is that no one will be able to see them working on your teeth, so you can get the smile you’ve always wanted without any embarrassment or annoying nicknames.

The Transformation Happens Fast

Most of our adult patients can complete their Invisalign treatment in about a year, give or take. So, there is no long-term commitment involved. No prolonged suffering with wires and brackets!

Is Invisalign Your Best Bet? Come Find Out!

Contact our Gillette, WY dental office to set up your Invisalign consultation with Dr. Porter ASAP!


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