Nothing Scary About Root Canals

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Reputations are a hard thing to change. First impressions are ground zero for reputations, and once they’ve been made, they can be almost impossible to change.

A lot of my patients feel this way about the effect that their smile has on making these kinds of first impressions, whether it’s business or socially related, and I can’t say that I blame them.

But today, I want to talk to you about how bad reputations can apply not just to people, but to dental treatments, as well.

No other treatment in all of general dentistry has a worse (none more undeserved) reputation than root canal therapy. Root canals are the go-to stereotype for countless lazy TV writers, cartoonists, and comedians when they need to reinforce another stereotype of dentists inflicting pain.

What’s frustrating about this is that not only is it completely false – root canals actually alleviate pain, not cause it – but this unfounded fear can prevent you from even getting the treatment in the first place. And if you are in need of a root canal, then waiting to get treatment is the worse thing you could do, because the problem will get out of hand, and quick.

In order to understand why a root canal is actually a safety measure for your smile, we have to understand more about what goes on inside of your tooth.

Endodontics & You

When we talk about root canals, we’re discussing issues with your endodontic health. That’s a branch of dentistry that covers what goes on inside of your teeth.

And what’s inside of your teeth is actually a very delicate ecosystem. When that ecosystem becomes disrupted – either by infection or by injury – it usually means the pulp has become compromised in some way.

The most common route of pulp infection is through cavities. When you fail to brush and floss as regularly as you should, bacteria in your mouth eats those leftovers and create acid as a byproduct which can form cavities in your teeth.

When cavities have worn your tooth to the point where the sensitive pulp becomes exposed, the pulp will become infected and inflamed, causing intense, chronic pain in your mouth. The problems only begin there, as untreated infected tooth pulp can lead to some serious complications, including pus-filled abscesses and gum disease.

Untreated, infected roots are a serious liability to your health, and will certainly cause you more pain and anxiety in the long run than any root canal ever could.
A root canal procedure, then, involves removing the infected pulp and root system, cleaning the interior of the tooth, and filling it up with a life-like tooth filling. This will protect the tooth and its defenseless interior while restoring functionality and beauty to your smile.

Busting The Pain Myth

The reason why root canals get such a bad wrap probably has to do with the infamous dental drill. But thanks to a variety of gentle sedation dentistry options, you won’t have to feel any anxiety or pain while my team and I deliver top-shelf endodontic treatment.

For pain, we offer nitrous oxide which will make sure that you don’t feel any discomfort, as well oral anesthetic options. For anxiety, we can administer valium to prevent any dental phobia from rearing its ugly head and interfering with your crucial treatment process.

This way, we can focus on what’s most important: Eliminating the pain and the danger of an infected tooth and replacing it with a gorgeous, long-lasting tooth filling.

But in order to get to that point, you have to start with a consultation appointment. I need to conduct a digital X-ray to really understand the extent of any problems inside of your tooth, and from there, the sky is the limit when it comes to enhancing your smile above and beyond its current state.

So if you’re serious about tackling that pain your mouth and want a Gillette dentist who can give you the care you need without the excruciating pain you’ve come to expect from the dentist, give me a call today!

You can reach me during the week at (307) 228-1585, or you can request your appointment online just by completing a simple web form.

Together, we can make your smile healthier and stronger than ever before!

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