Preventive Dentistry For The Whole Family [BLOG]

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Here at Synergy Dental Center we make family dentistry a cornerstone of our practice so that it will be easier for you to access all the preventive dental care you’ll need to keep your crew healthy in Gillette, WY. Not every dentist’s office in the area can do what we can all under one roof.

Keep reading to hear more about the benefits of preventive dentistry and then be sure to call us at 307-682-3100 to request your next appointment at our convenient, comfortable office.

An Ounce Of Prevention

Here’s something to think about: the human body is a complex web of interconnected systems. This means that the state of affairs in your mouth is not an isolated situation. As such, you’ll want to find a dentist you can trust to keep your oral health on track so that your overall well-being can be maintained. Regular dental cleanings and exams are crucial to maintaining both a healthy smile and a healthy body.

If you are anxious about dental offices, or you have had a bad experience elsewhere, we implore you to give us a try. Our practice features friendly faces, soothing massage chairs, TVs in the operatories, calming music to enjoy, relaxation dentistry services if needed, and a whole lot more to make you feel at ease straight away.

Just so you know, our relaxation services includes inhaled sedation (laughing gas), which creates a gentle feeling of euphoria, plus it is safe even for young kids. For even deeper relaxation, we also offer oral conscious sedation, which comes from a small pill that is prescribed before your procedure and will calm those anxious nerves.

Just remember: as time goes by, we will be able to form a strong relationship with your family and our team will get to know you and your dental health situation well enough to spot any signs of abnormal activity or any emerging causes for concern (like gum disease, cavities, and even oral cancer).

It is true what they say about an ounce of prevention. It is always better to know about problems sooner rather than later. As such, your preventive dental appointments can add an extra layer of protection and prevention that you can count on. Plus, we can set you up with extra measures like dental sealants and fluoride varnishes.  

Our dental sealants protect the biting surface of your teeth, especially teeth with tiny grooves and crevasses, while the varnish helps prevent tooth decay. Additionally, if you have any athletes in your household, you will want them to get fitted for a custom-built mouthguard that will take care of their smile during any sports practices or games.

Call Today For Preventive Care And More

Life happens fast. You will want a dentist around who will take the time to care for your unique needs as well as the ever-changing needs of every member of your family. Call Synergy Dental Center in Gillette, WY today at 307-682-3100 or fill out our online form to request a preventive dentistry appointment.


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