Relieve Headaches, Jaw Pain Without Drugs

Do you suffer from chronic headaches or wake up in the morning feeling a terrible pain in your jaw? Or maybe you have pain in your teeth your dentist cannot pinpoint. These are all signs that something is going on with your jaw muscles and bite.

At our office, Synergy Dental Center, we can provide relieve for your bite and jaw issues WITHOUT using pain medication. As a general dentist, I have studied the relationship between the jaw muscles and bite, and I’m trained to provide comprehensive treatments. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the skull and jaw and is at work hundreds of times a day — every single time we eat, drink, or speak. When the TMJ is irritated, patients can experience a number of issues.

Patients with TMJ issues often struggle to find a solution. TMJ problems do not necessarily show up on dental X-rays, and even more importantly, not all dentists are trained to treat TMJ issues. Today I want to tell you how we can relieve your jaw muscles and headaches. But first I want to review some of the big signs to watch out for when your TMJ is irritated:

• Clicking, popping, or locking or the jaw
• Consistent headaches
• Soreness in the jaw, ear, neck, or shoulders
• Pains in the teeth
• Poor range of motion in jaw

Modern Ways to Relieve Your Jaw Pains

The problem so many dentists run into with jaw pains is that they don’t know where to start. TMJ can be a tricky dental problem to diagnose, and even trickier to treat, as you have a number of factors to consider in the treatment. We use a system called TruDenta. This system works in two stages: assessment and then treatment. Using TruDenta’s state-of-the-art scanning and 3-D technology, we can measure the balance of the bite, the range of motion in your jaw, and we’ll assess your jaw muscles and headache history.

After we find the problem, we can use ultrasounds to increase blood flow and circulation; electrocurrent to cut down on muscles spasms and to stimulate the nerves; or even lasers to increase tissue healing and to give the patient a better range of motion.

A Story From a Patient

TruDenta patients typically visit our office about once every week for treatment, and we can complete the treatment in about 12 weeks. In many cases, we do not have to complete any restorative treatments.

Here’s a story I love telling. I had a patient come to our office with debilitating jaw pains and pains in her teeth. She went to a number of different dentists and was on migraine medication for more than 10 years. When she visited my office, I reviewed her dental situation and quickly knew we could help. This particular patient’s jaw problems gave her a horribly off-balanced bite.

After just a few weeks using the TruDenta treatment, this patient’s bite was nearly perfectly balanced. It was amazing to see this patient’s demeanor change during each of her office visits. I saw her face light up and her personality change. After she completed the treatment, her pain went away 100 percent and she threw out her pain medication for good. This patient is the perfect example of how TruDenta can change your life.

If you are having problems with your jaw muscles or dealing with nagging headaches, stop throwing away money on specialists or medication. Visit our office today to see how we can help improve your smile. Schedule a visit by calling us at 307- 622-1311.

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