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As a father myself, I know that carting around your little athlete (or athletes, if you’re so blessed) from one game to another isn’t without it’s fair share of headaches, but once you see them on the court or in the field, the pride you’ll feel is more than worth it.

Which is why I never let my children play any sport without wearing a custom-fit athletic mouthguard.

I know, you’re probably thinking “Dentist Dad Alert,” and you’re half right – I’d be crazy not to put my knowledge toward protecting my family’s smile – but even if I wasn’t a dentist, I’d still insist on mouthguards for most sports.

That’s because you don’t need to be a dentist to understand why custom athletic mouthguards are a smart investment. Multiple studies show that wearing a custom mouthguard of a thickness greater than your average over-the-counter brand can dramatically reduce the incidence of a serious oral injury.

From baseball and basketball to football and hockey, study after study shows that players who don’t wear mouthguards are in an extremely high risk pool for dental-facial trauma, with a 1 out of 10 lifetime chance to suffer some kind of dental injury, but a mouthguard can help ensure that the accident is a minor one, and not a major traumatic event.

But what makes a mouthguard custom-made by your Gillettee dentist any better than what you can find in the boxing aisle of a big-box sporting goods store?

The Difference Over “Store Bought”

I like to save a buck just as much as the next person. But there are a few things you can’t really afford to skimp on; every man needs at least one silk tie, and I’m sure that health coverage for your children is priceless and worth sparing no expense.

In the case of an athletic mouthguard custom-crafted by your Gillette dentist, the quality you pay for is insurance against the future. A custom guard will better prevent oral injury today so you won’t have to pay for expensive and painful restorative procedures following an accident.

By conforming to the natural shape of the smile, a custom mouthguard will fit more comfortably so it won’t be a distraction during the big match, and it is gentler on the soft tissues inside the oral cavity, reducing any period of “adjustment” to wearing the guard itself.

There is perhaps another benefit to custom-fit mouthguards that is emerging in scientific literature which suggests they protect more than just smiles. A 2014 study followed over 400 high-school football players, and what the researchers found was players who wore a custom-fit athletic mouthguard seemed to suffer less brain injuries, such as concussions, as players who wore store bought mouthguards.

It is thought that, by basing the shape of the mouthguard around the shape of the player’s smile, the mouthguard strengthens the position of head, face, and neck muscles to better withstand the kind of high-contact blows common to the game, and thus reduce incidences of concussion.

In other words, a custom mouthguard is thought to act as a kind of “shock absorption system” that can reduce the severity of sports-related injuries like head trauma. The research is still in its infancy, but it certainly seems promising for the health of our little athletes.

My mouthguards are made in-house from a special heat-treated polymer, giving it a durability and thickness that’s unmatched even by the options you’d find at Sports Authority or Rocky Mountain.

Get Fit(ted)

Players who have the right protection are player who have the right stuff. They aren’t worried about giving it their all, and can perform better knowing that their fragile teeth are guarded by the latest in preventive dentistry technology.

I’d love to be your dentist in Wyoming, and I’m sure your child or adolescent would love to keep their smiles as safe as can be.

So choose a better option than those over-the-counter guards, and give me a call to schedule a dental exam and fitting appointment. I can be reached at (307) 228-1585, or you may request an appointment with us online just by filling out a simple web form.

Make the right call, and secure your family’s smile with a custom-fit athletic mouthguard!

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