Holidays are fun and festive but often also frantic. That means this time of year can feel pretty stressful. This has negative effects on your body – and your smile too. Fortunately, we have holistic treatments that can stop stress and protect your smile.

It can help to simply make a conscious effort to slow down and lessen stress. This short video from the Mayo Clinic has some useful suggestions. In addition, ask about our holistic therapies that can reverse the effects of stress on your smile:

  • TMJ Treatment – Stress is often linked to teeth grinding, a habit that can damage teeth and cause headaches and jaw pain. Dr. Porter offers TruDenta® TMJ treatment. In addition to a custom oral device to stop grinding, it may include massage, force balancing, prolotherapy, and more. You’ll feel better, and your smile will benefit.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Stress lessens your body’s ability to fend off infection, including gum disease. We perform oral bacterial testing so we can offer treatment targeted to your unique situation. 
  • Ozone Therapy – We offer many treatments you won’t find at other dental practices that can lessen inflammation in your body and eliminate harmful bacteria. This will improve your dental health and your overall health too. One example is ozone therapy. It increases your body’s oxygen levels, improves circulation, and enhances your cells’ immune response. 

Call Synergy Dental Center at the location most convenient to you to see how our holistic approach will lessen stress: Gillette, WY 307 228 7117 or Sturgis, SD 605 702 2533.