Three Good Reasons For Dental Implants

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Are you able to share your smile confidently at all those festive summer outings? Can you eat whatever you want at the next cookout without worrying about the pain or your ability to chew whatever your selection may be? Do you have the self-assurance you will need to grow your career and your social calendar through all the seasons of your life? If you have suffered through tooth loss as an adult, odds are good that you did not answer any of our queries affirmatively. But that’s alright. We want you to know two things: A) You are not alone and B) Dr. Porter can help restore your quality of life through a dental implant procedure. Today we wanted to outline three good reasons why you should consider getting a dental implant from us and we also wanted to touch on what that procedure will look like for you. Please continue reading, and then be sure to follow up and schedule your consultation with the Synergy Dental Center of Gillette, Wyoming!

Reason #1: Increased Functionality

Every tooth plays a crucial role in your ability to chew your food and speak clearly to others. If you have lost what you once had, don’t force yourself to chew out of one side of your mouth or to accept your new speech patterns! A dental implant can restore the functionality you’ve been going without! And it is easy enough around here.

Reason #2: A Confidence Boost

Without a complete smile or proper facial structure, you won’t look your best or feel very confident! And when you don’t feel confident, your opportunities both at work and at play will be greatly diminished. Don’t go into hiding. Come see us instead!

Reason #3: Better Health

Following tooth loss as an adult, your health will suffer too as you won’t be getting the fiber-rich foods you need (you won’t be able to chew them). What’s more, your oral health will be at risk until you find a workable solution.

Here’s How The Procedure Works

Here at the Synergy Dental Center, there is a simple two-step process for restoring your smile with dental implants. We place the implant strategically through your gums and on into your jawbone. Once your implant is placed, we allow your jaw to heal. Fair warning: this could take a few months. All the while a process called osseointegration will be going on. This means your bone is fusing with your titanium implant to create a bond that will last for years to come. Once you are healed enough, we will restore your implant with a crown (the part that looks like a tooth). We also have an option for restoring your smile in just one day.

Our Dental Implant Solutions

Single Dental Implant: This is the option that you would choose if you needed just one tooth replaced. A single dental implant is topped with a single crown to replace a tooth that has been knocked out, has fallen out, or has been extracted.

Implant-Supported Dentures: You can secure your dentures using dental implants. Our implant-supported dentures are more stable and reliable than removable dentures alone.

All-on-4 Dental Implants: We can create a restoration for you that can be placed all in one day. We will remove any teeth necessary, place the implants, and attach your new teeth all in one procedure! We even use a local anesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort.

Implant-Supported Bridge: Our implant-supported bridge consists of three or more teeth set into a base of some sort and attached to your jaw using dental implants. This option can vary depending on how many teeth you need to replace, up to an entire arch.

Let Us Change Your Life Forever, For The Better!

Are you ready to do this? Contact us today to set up a dental implant consultation appointment with Dr. Porter. The quickest way to reach us is to call 307-682-3100. We can’t wait to see your smiling face!

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