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Children’s dentistry is at the core of our Gillette, WY dental office. We love working with kids, teaching them about their teeth, and seeing their smiling faces. It’s extremely gratifying.

We ask parents to bring their children into the dentist at 12 months of age. These visits are a great time for us to see the development of your child’s mouth, and it gets the child comfortable with the dentist. We can also set up treatments for your child as they age, especially orthodontic treatments.

At Synergy Dental Center, we are committed to handling every aspect of your dental care. When it comes to children’s dental care, parents have a huge impact! Parents direct the at-home dental care. So today, I have a few tips to follow as a way to encourage your child to practice great dental care at home.

Make brushing fun!

Brushing shouldn’t feel like a chore for your kids. Make it fun and interesting.  

This will get them familiar and comfortable with brushing. We recommend giving your child a two brush when they get teeth. Like everything at that age, they’ll chew on the toothbrush and work it around the mouth. When they get a little older, you can do some light brushing.

For the older kids, it’s fun to purchase a toothbrush with their favorite character on it. Some of those toothbrushes even play music for two minutes — the recommended time you should brush your teeth. There are also fun apps you can download. These apps walk your child through brushing and give them encouragement along the way.

Protect their teeth from decay!

Dental decay is leading chronic disease in children across the world. It’s also extremely prevalent in the children of America. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports that about 50 percent of children have tooth decay before the age of 5. Additionally, parents can miss hours of work to deal with these issues.

There are two easy ways to protect your child’s teeth: fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that has been discovered to fight off tooth decay. It’s recommended by the American Dental Association and is used in most dental offices around the country. As a matter of fact, most toothpastes on the market include fluoride. We recommend having your child brush with a fluoride-based toothpaste or having them get fluoride treatments at out office.

Dental sealants are a little different. This dental sealants are just what they sound like. We put a sealant over the teeth to literally block out the decay. The sealants go on the biting surface of the teeth.

Give Your Child Healthy, Beautiful Teeth

It’s important to start your children’s dental care off on the right foot. From general maintenance to orthodontic treatment, Synergy Dental Center is the place for you and your family. Contact us today at 307-414-1879.

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