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As a parent, is there anything better than seeing your children smile? It’s hard to explain how much this can warm your heart.

It’s also why your children’s oral health is important to you. It’s why we hope you will visit our dentist office in Gillette, WY, if you are looking for a family dentist.

Our team at Synergy Dental Center wants to build relationships with our patients. It’s why we welcome you to bring your sons and daughters to visit at an early age.

As they grow and their dental needs change, we can help with dental cleanings and with treatments like orthotropics and orthodontics.

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Creating A Dental Care Routine

Making oral care a regular part of your family’s routine can help prevent problems and identify issues in the early stages.

We recommend that parents bring children to visit us around their first birthday. The point of this visit is two-fold. First, we would like to take a look at your child’s teeth, but only if your child is ready.

This leads to the second reason for this initial visit: to help your child get to know us. We want your child to get to know our team and to feel comfortable in our office. If he or she isn’t ready for a full exam just yet, that’s fine.

With time, he or she will be ready, and we’ll be here to help.

It’s just as important to make regular dental cleanings and examinations a part of your family’s oral care routine. This can help reduce dental anxiety. This will make it easier as your children get older and their oral care needs change.

And the good news is that Synergy Dental Center can meet those changing needs. We’ll discuss some examples of this in a moment. If your child is ready for his or her first trip to the dentist, just call 307-622-1311 for an appointment.


Orthotropics & Orthodontics

Many people are familiar with orthodontics, but you may not know about orthotropics. So, what it is this treatment?

Orthotropics are a way of intervening early to reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for orthodontic care when they get older.

Orthotropics are used to guide the development of your child’s face and jaw. This can create room for his or her permanent teeth to erupt correctly.

In addition, this can reduce the risk of TMJ problems (which can be affected by jaw alignment) and sleep apnea (a sleep disorder that often involves a blocked airway) as your children get older.

If your child does need orthodontics, we provide that service as well at our Gillette, WY, dentist office.

Along with traditional braces, we also offer clear aligners. Invisalign® and ClearCorrect use these clear, plastic aligners to gently move teeth instead of brackets and wires.

By making regular visits to our office, our dentist can monitor changes as your child grows, loses his or her primary teeth, and gets his or her permanent teeth.

If you have any questions about any of our services, feel free to call or contact us online.


Other Family Dental Services

Professional dental cleanings are important to maintaining your oral health, but they are just one of the ways we can help protect your family’s smiles.

▶︎ Patient education is part of what we do as well. Whenever you visit us — on your own or with your child — we can answer questions about things you can do at home. This includes discussing the proper ways to brush and floss your teeth and the role of good nutrition in your oral health.

▶︎ Athletic mouthguards are a great idea for any athlete in your family.

The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend wearing a mouthguard for all high-impact sports. And more specifically, they report that custom-fitted mouthguards are the most effective and the most comfortable to wear.

High-impact sports include everything from football and wrestling to basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. If a sport involves heavy contact, flying objects, lots of direction and speed changes, and jumping, then you should be wearing something to protect your teeth and jaw any time you are playing or practicing.

▶︎ Dental sealants and fluoride treatments add protection above and beyond routine cleanings.

Sealants create a barrier between the bacteria that cause tooth decay and your molars. Fluoride is a mineral that can heal strengthen and repair minor damage to your enamel.


We Are Here For Your Family’s Dental Needs

To learn more about us or to schedule a visit, all you have to do is call 307-622-1311 or fill out our online form.

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