Improve Your Oral Health With a Tooth Removal in Gillette, WY

In a perfect world, adults would never have to worry about losing a tooth. After all, it’s not like you have a new tooth waiting to take its place or a tooth fairy to leave money under your pillow. But when you can’t avoid it, a tooth removal in Gillette, WY can:

  • End the throbbing pain of a tooth infection
  • Create room in your mouth for dental implants
  • Improve your oral health and function
  • Improve your overall health by keeping infection from spreading
  • Prevent dental problems down the road

Dr. Porter can remove most teeth, including wisdom teeth. Call 307 228 7117 now to schedule your extraction procedure.

Heal More Quickly Following a Biological Extraction

Dr. Porter performs biological extractions, ensuring all ligaments and pathogenic bacteria are removed. He uses platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and other biologic material to create a biologic bone graft. This involves spinning a small sample of your own blood in a centrifuge along with portions of your own tooth to create a membrane that is placed on your extraction site. It will:

  • Promote blood flow to the site, which encourages tissue growth
  • Allow for quicker healing so you return more quickly to your normal activities
  • Lessen the possibility of developing a post-op dry socket

He may also recommend vitamin C infusions and ozone therapy in our office to promote further natural healing. Removing teeth that are causing you problems is an easy, comfortable, and safe process at Synergy Dental Center!

Enjoy a Comfortable Dental Surgery With Sedation

Dental treatment in general can be a scary experience, especially for anxious patients. With our heated massage chairs and other cozy amenities, along with our dental sedation options, you will feel calm and relaxed throughout your entire procedure.  You’ll also benefit from precise care thanks to our technology like 3-D imaging.

You can choose the sedation method that best suits your anxiety level and treatment plan:

  • Inhaled sedation
  • Oral sedation
  • IV sedation

To schedule your tooth removal in Gillette, WY, call 307 228 7117 today or schedule online.