Holistic Dentistry in Gillette Will Improve Your Overall Health

Patient care at Synergy Dental Center is unlike most other dentist offices. We take your entire body into account when diagnosing and recommending treatment. We have a total health dentistry approach that brings all aspects of your health into alignment. Biological dentistry in Gillette is one way we accomplish this. Patients love it because:

  • You can keep your body safe from toxic materials.
  • We can help you remove metal from your mouth.
  • Your children can grow up without ever being exposed to harmful toxins.
  • Your total health is our number one priority.

Call 307-682-3100 today to speak with our team about our holistic approach. Dr. Porter has completed extensive training so that patients can receive the care they are looking for from an expert in the field of biological dentistry.

Keep Your Smile Safe From Toxins

You can remove toxins from your dental care with a few decisions, and we’re here to help! We work to provide safe and health-centered options for patients who are conscious of the toxins that are common in traditional dental medicine. Take a look at a few of the ways we remove these harmful elements from your mouth.

  • Amalgam/Mercury-Free Fillings – Cavities are filled with a safe alternative to traditional “silver” fillings, which contain harmful mercury.
  • SMART – We can safely remove metal fillings using the SMART technique, which keeps you and our staff safe from mercury exposure. We’ll then replace the filling with a safe alternative.
  • Fluoride-Free Care – You can strengthen your teeth without the use of fluoride, which can be harmful to your body and overall health.
  • Ozone Therapy – Let us remove harmful bacteria in a safe and effective way. Ozone therapy neutralizes harmful microbes and helps us treat decay and infection from your teeth, gums, and bone.
  • Biologic Extractions – We will do more than simply remove an infected tooth. Instead, we remove the tooth and the periodontal ligament as well as any infected bone so that your body can heal completely.


Improve Your Outcomes With Advanced Treatment Options

Excellent dentistry is proactive. Dr. Porter and his team are willing to go the extra mile to provide proactive treatment options that support our total health dentistry approach. You’ll love the way these advanced techniques improve your overall health.

  • PRF Therapy – Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a healing powerhouse. Made by extracting the best healing properties from a sample of your own blood, PRF can improve outcomes of many dental procedures, like oral surgery.
  • Laser Therapy – Lasers help us find cavities, treat gum disease, reshape gum tissue, release tongue-ties, and more! Laser therapy makes dental treatment much more comfortable and safe.
  • Ceramic Implants – Traditional implants are titanium, but for patients who prefer a metal-free smile, we offer ceramic dental implants that are just as effective as their metal counterpart.
  • ALF Orthodontics – We go beyond straightening teeth. We use treatment like ALF to encourage healthy facial development, a broader airway, and improved posture for a healthier body.

You can receive safe and effective holistic dentistry in Gillette for your entire family. Let us help you strengthen your child’s teeth without fluoride and treat cavities without harmful mercury fillings. We can even use orthotropics to help correct your child’s oral posture and set them up for a healthier adult life. Every member of your crew deserves the best that dentistry has to offer, and you’ll find that at Synergy Dental Center.


Call 307-682-3100 today to make your appointment with our team. We can’t wait to show you how a total health dentistry approach can improve your entire body’s health!

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