Improve Your Overall Health With Total Health Dentistry in Gillette, WY

While total health dentistry is becoming more popular as more people begin to understand the connection between oral health and overall health, it’s still not easy to find a dentist who offers a wide range of holistic treatments. The scarcity of total health dentists is one reason some patients drive several hours to see Dr. David Porter, the first and only board-certified naturopathic physician in Wyoming, in our Gillette dentist office.

Patients of Synergy Dental Center benefit from:

  • Myofunctional Therapy – This treatment strengthens your tongue and trains it to remain in the proper position in your mouth. This reduces the incidence of sleep apnea in both children and adults.
  • Orthotropics – This treatment guides the growth of the facial bones to create more space for the teeth and tongue, minimizing or even preventing orthodontics issues in children.
  • TruDenta® – This therapy uses sophisticated analysis tools to diagnose the causes of chronic headaches and TMJ disorders and a combination of different therapies to relieve pain.
  • Buteyko Breathing Method – This technique trains you to breathe through your nose, your body’s natural filter. Mouth breathing contributes to facial development and orthodontic problems in children and sleeping disorders in people of all ages.

We actually prefer the term total health dentistry instead of other common terms because your whole body will feel better under our care! To visit our office and learn more about our total health approach, call 307-622-1311.

Remove the Metal From Your Mouth

Dr. Porter is the only Wyoming dentist certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) in its SMART protocol for safely removing metal fillings (amalgam). If you want to remove your metal fillings due to health concerns associated with mercury, or for any other reason, Dr. Porter can help.

We offer other non-metal options too, including:

To see if total health dentistry is right for you, call Synergy Dental Center at 307-622-1311. You’ll find our office near the Walmart Supercenter and Sage Bluffs Park.

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