Overcome Pain With Headache Treatment in Gillette, WY

For many people, headaches are nothing more than an occasional annoyance that can be eliminated by taking an aspirin or other pain reliever. Yet others suffer from frequent headaches, with pain that doesn’t go away with medication. If you’re in the latter group, you’ll benefit from individualized headache treatment at Synergy Dental Center.

Dr. David Porter is one of only a few hundred dentists in the U.S. to use TruDenta®, a sophisticated system for determining the underlying causes of headaches and treating them with a combination of different therapies.

The TruDenta treatment:

  • Gets you out of pain.
  • Helps you reduce your dependence on medication.
  • Caters to your unique needs by offering multiple treatment methods.
  • Reduces the number and severity of headaches.

For help with migraines and other headaches, call our Gillette dentist office at 307-622-1311.

Determining Causes of Headaches Helps Us Treat Them Better

Determining the underlying causes of your headaches helps us better treat them. Many dentists do little more than look at your mouth and have you fill out a questionnaire before prescribing treatment. In contrast, we use some pretty sophisticated technology like:

  • Bite Force Analysis – A digital scan that analyzes the various forces at work in your mouth and creates a 3D digital model of them for reference
  • Range of Motion Analysis – An exam that allows us to determine where your range of motion is negatively affected in your head and neck
  • Headache History – Your history with headaches and migraines can tell us a lot about how we can help you
  • Muscle Exam – A physical exam that checks for knots or bands in the muscles that may be causing pain

While TruDenta is our primary method of treating headaches, we may also recommend adjusting your bite with orthodontics and/or dental restorations such as crowns. As with any other area of your health, we try to use the most comprehensive approach possible.

Interested in headache treatment? Call 307-622-1311. Our Gillette dentist office is located at 501 W. Lakeway Road. It’s especially convenient for those who live or work in ZIP code 82718.

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