Improve Oral Health With Orthodontics For Children in Gillette, WY

Orthodontics for children often involves metal braces, and sometimes tooth extractions, to achieve a straight smile. This can be hard on the teeth and face. In addition, many adults find they still need further orthodontic treatment when they get older. At Synergy Dental Center, we use treatments that address the underlying causes of misaligned teeth instead of simply forcing the teeth into straighter positions.

Our orthodontic treatments:

  • Naturally make room for teeth without extractions.
  • Align your child’s bite.
  • Improve your child’s breathing.
  • Encourage proper position of the tongue.
  • Are more comfortable than braces.
  • May eliminate the need for later treatment with braces.

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See If Orthodontic Alternatives Are Right For Your Child

Dr. David Porter has extensive training in several alternative treatment methods, so he can help you determine which ones are right for your child’s smile. In some cases, Synergy Dental Center is the only place in Wyoming where you’ll find these treatments. Our children’s orthodontic options include:

  • Orthotropics – This treatment gently alters your child’s jaw to create room for healthy dental development.
  • Crozat Appliance – This appliance comfortably widens the dental arches to prevent overcrowding when adult teeth come in.
  • ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functional) Appliance – This small wire appliance exerts gentle force on bone and muscle so your child’s teeth have plenty of room to develop.
  • Myofunctional Therapy – This trains the tongue to stay in a proper position, which helps keep teeth aligned.

Find More Conventional Orthodontic Care Too

Though early intervention often shortens the length of later orthodontic treatment, or even eliminates the need for it, we do offer more conventional ways of achieving a straight smile. They include:

  • Traditional Braces – For some cases of misalignment and malocclusion, traditional metal braces are still the best treatment.
  • Six Month Smiles® – Rather than correcting a misaligned bite, this short-term braces option focuses on straightening the teeth that show when you smile.
  • Clear Aligners – You can choose Invisalign or ClearCorrect, both of which straighten teeth with clear plastic aligners instead of metal wires and brackets.

To find out more about orthodontics for children, call 307-622-1311.

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