Eliminate Dental Damage With Tooth Removal in Gillette, WY

At Synergy Dental Center, we pride ourselves on making every experience in our Gillette, WY office a good one, even for procedures that can be a little stressful. For most people, tooth removal is one of those procedures.

We’ll take the stress out of your tooth extraction with:

  • Our Experienced Dentist – Dr. David Porter has performed countless extractions in his 10-plus years as a dentist.
  • Dental Sedation – You can choose inhaled sedation (laughing gas) or an oral sedative.
  • Private Operatories – You’ll find it easier to relax in complete privacy.
  • A Commitment to Your Comfort – Your comfort is so important to us, we even warm the water you use to rinse your mouth. No more shocking cold sensation on your sensitive teeth!
  • Advanced Technology to Plan Your Procedure – Dr. Porter uses digital X-rays and 3D imaging to identify any potential complications before he starts your treatment.

If you think you need to have a tooth removed, call 307-622-1311.

You Won’t Feel a Thing With All Our Comfort Options

It’s natural to worry about discomfort if you’re getting a tooth removed. But your worries are unfounded at our office because we thoroughly numb your mouth before your extraction. In addition, you can get dental sedation to help you relax. From start to finish, we’ll make you comfortable with:

  • Heated massage chairs
  • Head and neck massages
  • Warm-water rinses
  • Television or music for entertaining diversions

We’ll Treat You Right After Your Tooth Extraction Too

Dr. Porter uses infrared light after your extraction to promote faster healing. The light reduces inflammation, helps remove problematic bacteria, and provides natural pain relief. He can also help you choose a tooth replacement option. Your choices include:

  • Dental Implants – This is the most authentic and reliable of our tooth replacement options. This tooth replacement method uses a prosthetic tooth root (attached directly to your jawbone) and a custom-crafted restoration to mimic your natural tooth.
  • Fixed Bridge – A fixed bridge is an easy, affordable way to replace just one or a few missing teeth.
  • Dentures – Dentures are a great way to replace some or all of your teeth without having to undergo surgery for implants (though you can get implant-secured dentures). This is one of our most affordable ways to replace a lot of teeth.

To find out more about tooth removal, call 307-622-1311.


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