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Correcting Crooked Teeth Before Braces Are an Option

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Parents travel from all over our great state of Wyoming to visit Dr. Porter and learn more about his approach to orthodontic treatment. Our societal norm is for kids with crooked teeth to wear braces around the age of 13-14. Many will lose their tinsel teeth just in time for junior prom and other high school events.

What many parents don’t realize is that our societal norm is not the best approach for your child’s long-term health. The core problem is a narrowing of the jaw and a lower jaw that rests too far back, creating an overbite. Traditional braces do not address these concerns. In some cases, a doctor might remove teeth to make room, but that might make the problem worse!

What’s the Problem with Traditional Braces?

For some children, there is no problem with traditional braces. They will wear their brackets and wires and have a healthier smile, but if your child is like millions of others who have a narrow jaw or a lower jaw that rests deep into the skull, there is a big problem with the traditional approach.

If we do not open the width of the jaw and bring the lower jaw forward, your child will likely suffer from health concerns like TMJ and sleep apnea for the rest of their life. Braces might straighten their teeth, but they will do nothing to treat the jaw, which is the ultimate point of concern.

Treating Children Comfortably with Orthotropics

At Synergy Dental Center, we take a different approach. We want to see kids from infancy so that we can help you prevent this problem by addressing things like tongue-ties as soon as we see them! We will work as your child grows to ensure that the child’s tongue is in a healthy resting position because believe it or not, the tongue guides jaw development! Through myofunctional therapy, we can help your child train their tongue to cooperate for healthy growth.

As your child grows, we will be aware of the jawbone and how it is developing. Around the age of 7 to 9 years old, your child may benefit from orthotropics. This is a new approach to dentistry that focuses on how the jaw is growing. Rather than forcing the teeth to fit into a narrow face, we correct the growth of the face and allow room for healthy dental growth. The result is a child who will not be wearing traditional braces, will likely not struggle with TMJ and sleep apnea, and will have a more attractive facial profile!

Help Your Child by Calling Today

In order to treat children with orthotropics, we need to see them at a young age. Don’t wait until your child is told it’s time for braces to do something about it. Bring your whole family to visit us at Synergy Dental Center. Not only can we monitor your child’s jaw development, but we can also treat your entire family with excellent dental care.

Make your appointment right now by calling 307-622-1311. Set up an appointment to find out if your child can avoid braces after all. We promise, they’ll thank you someday!

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