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What is REALLY Causing Your Headaches and Migraines?

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How long have you been living with headaches, migraines, or jaw pain? Weeks? Months? Years? How many family gatherings have you missed, opportunities have you passed, and potential memories have you lost due to your frequent headaches?

There is hope.

No, we aren’t talking about a magic fix or a super new painkiller. We are talking about finding the actual cause of your headaches and addressing THAT problem so that your headaches are actually gone. For good.

It all begins with a revolutionary look at dentistry called TruDenta. This process begins by building a basic understanding of what is actually happening inside of your jaw. From there, we correct the issue, and you live a much happier life!

How TruDenta Works

TruDenta begins with a thorough diagnostic process. The TruDenta system is made up of five separate parts.

  • The Bite Force Analysis
  • The Range of Motion Analysis
  • Headache History Form
  • Muscle Exam
  • Head Health Questionnaire

Through these separate analysis options, we can dig deep into what is happening with your jaw. We’ll be looking at the bones, muscles, and more to ensure that everything is working together as it should. TruDenta will identify the issues you are having, which will allow us to move forward with treatment.

Treatment for Headaches and Migraines in Gillette, WY

Our priority is to bring you back to overall jaw health. Once your jaw is feeling great, your headaches and migraines will become a thing of the past. We want to do that without tons of medication, without obtrusive procedures, and without surgical intervention. The 12-week TruDenta protocol is often all that is required to heal the muscles in your face and jaw. In some cases, we need to complete additional dental work, but that is the exception.

The end result? A happier, healthier smile that you can enjoy for the rest of your life! Learn more about TruDenta in Gillette, WY when you call Dr. Porter at 307-622-1311. Your first appointment at Synergy Dental Center will open your eyes to the pain-free life that is possible. We can’t wait to help you improve your life, so call today!

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