Emergency Dental Care in Gillette, WY

Dental emergencies are not a positive experience, but they don’t have to be a disaster. The most important thing is getting help for your emergency ASAP.  Gillette, WY dentist Dr. David Porter will see current patients on the same day you call. Even if you aren’t currently a patient of ours, we will be happy to offer advice, discuss your options, and work you into our schedule as soon as possible.

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In addition to speedy assistance, our emergency dental care includes:

  • A compassionate team who is committed to your comfort.
  • A wide range of restorative dentistry procedures for dealing with everything from a broken tooth to a toothache.
  • Two kinds of dental sedation to help you relax.
  • Early morning hours so you can see us right away if you wake in pain.
  • Comforts like heated massage chairs to ease your stress.

If you need urgent dental care, call us at 307-682-3100 right away.

The Right Restorative Dental Care Will Save Your Smile

Whether you broke a tooth or woke up with a toothache, Dr. Porter can get you out of pain and resolve your problem. Here is how he might handle some common emergencies:

  • Broken or Cracked Tooth – The usual fix for a damaged tooth is a dental crown. It restores the appearance and functionality of your tooth and protects it from further damage. Until you can see us, apply ice if you’re in pain and take an over-the-counter pain reliever (not aspirin). Bring any broken pieces of tooth with you.
  • Toothache – If a cavity is causing your pain, we’ll repair it with a metal-free filling. For severe decay, we may use a larger restoration like a crown. If your tooth is infected, Dr. Porter will perform a root canal procedure. Use an ice pack to ease pain.

Stay Comfortable During Emergency Dental Care

Comfort is important any time, but especially during an emergency. You’ll find the experience a lot less stressful if you’re comfortable while receiving emergency dental care. You’ll appreciate our comfort options like:

  • Private operatories
  • Heated massage chairs
  • TVs and music for entertaining diversions
  • Warm water rinses

For assistance in dental emergencies, call Synergy Dental Center at 307-682-3100. Our Gillette, WY dentist office is easy to find, near the Walmart Supercenter.

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