Encourage Proper Facial Development With Orthotropics in Gillette, WY

There aren’t too many bodily functions more important than breathing. You obviously want your children to breathe easily. Orthotropics, a treatment that promotes proper growth of the facial bones, ensures your kids have adequate space for their airway. This helps avoid sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

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Easier breathing isn’t the only benefit. The treatment also:

  • Creates a more attractive profile.
  • Minimizes or even avoids the need for future orthodontic treatment.
  • Promotes a healthier, stronger jaw.
  • Makes it less likely your child will ever need to have teeth extracted for orthodontic treatment.

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Improve Your Child’s Health With Orthotropic Treatment

Nothing is more important than your child’s health. Their facial development plays a greater role in their health than you may realize, starting from birth. Breastfeeding creates more room for dental development, so it encourages proper airway development and a more aesthetic facial profile. If you didn’t breastfeed or you weren’t able to breastfeed long enough, your child might benefit from orthotropic treatment.

As the first and only provider of orthotropic procedures in the state of Wyoming, Dr. David Porter can assess your child to see if this treatment will promote proper oral development and posture. Take this quiz to assess your child’s risk for sleep disorders or other airway issues. Then call us if you notice these behaviors in your child:

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  • Snoring
  • Teeth that appear crowded
  • An open mouth when resting
  • Frequent thumb sucking
  • Lips that are often dry
  • Apparent difficulties in breathing, when awake and/or asleep

We use removable appliances like the Crozat appliance or ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functional) appliance to gently guide jaws that are growing down and backward to move forward. We often use appliances in combination with myofunctional therapy, which strengthens the tongue and keeps it in the proper position in your child’s mouth.

This avoids a receding chin, giving your child a more attractive profile. It also creates more room for teeth, which can avoid the need for orthodontic treatment. Perhaps most important, it helps keep their airway open at all times, so it’s easier to breathe. We have even seen it play a role in reducing our young patients’ allergies.

Interested in orthotropics? Call 307-682-3100. Our Gillette dentist office is located near Sage Bluffs Park and the Walmart Supercenter.

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