Enjoy a Radiant Smile With Teeth Whitening in Sturgis, SD

It’s natural for our teeth to get a little dull and dingy over the years. The foods and drinks we consume, as well as habits like tobacco usage, can cause our teeth to become yellow or gray. That’s where Sturgis, SD teeth whitening from Synergy Dental Center comes in. Compared to other kinds of whitening, our treatment is:

  • Quick, as the whitening agent is concentrated
  • Safe, with less chance that your sensitive gums will get irritated
  • Easy to use, especially with our in-office treatment, as we do all the work
  • Long lasting, letting you enjoy all the benefits of a whiter smile longer

If you’re ready to see your brilliant new smile in the mirror, call our office today at 605-206-6200 to schedule an appointment to whiten your teeth.

Our Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Your Key to a Gorgeous Grin

If your pearly whites aren’t as white as they once were, don’t worry. We can help you put the sparkle back in your smile. As a holistic dental practice, we make sure that the whitening agents we use are proven safe and effective. You don’t have to be concerned about harsh chemicals or questionable ingredients.

There is more than one kind of patient, so we offer you two distinct ways to whiten your teeth. You can choose which one is best for you based on your needs:

  • In-Office Whitening – Many people opt for this method if they have a big event such as a wedding or reunion coming up. Just come into the office and we’ll apply a professional-strength whitener to your teeth. In a matter of minutes, your teeth will be several shades whiter. You’ll leave with a beautiful new smile and confidence to go along with it.
  • At-Home Whitening – We’ll give you a set of sturdy trays and a strong whitening agent you can use whenever you like. Whiten your smile gradually as you lounge around the house, read, or watch TV. In just a few treatments, you’ll see a whiter smile emerge that you’ll want to proudly show off to everyone.

Once your teeth are as white as you’d like, you may want to explore our other cosmetic dentistry services like tooth bonding or veneers. If your smile is suffering from chips, cracks, small gaps, or worn teeth, these treatments complement whitening nicely and will help you enjoy an even more beautiful smile.

For Sturgis, SD teeth whitening that will put the dazzle back in your smile, call Synergy Dental Center today at 605-206-6200. You can also make an appointment online.