General Dentistry Improve Your Oral Health
  • Enjoy a holistic approach to dental care
  • Stay safe with mercury-free & fluoride-free dentistry
  • Experience the benefits of modern dental technology

Nourish Your Smile With General Dentistry in Sturgis, SD

Your oral health impacts your entire body. That’s what we keep in mind with our general dentistry in Sturgis, SD. By choosing Synergy Dental Care to protect your smile, you can:

  • Enjoy a healthy smile that also looks great
  • Avoid gum infections and reduce your risk for systemic health issues
  • Uncover the source of your oral health issues
  • Get a boost in your overall health
  • Meet with a dentist who uses biocompatible, natural, and organic materials
  • Experience the benefits of modern dental technology

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Our General Dental Care Keeps Your Whole Health in Mind

At our practice, we are always saying, “On a good day, we change a smile. On a great day, we change a life.” We’re one of the few practices in the area that offers a biological approach to your dental treatments. Our general dental services ensure that your smile remains in top shape. We address problems when they are small, instead of when they become an emergency. By visiting Synergy Dental Center, you are visiting with a board-certified naturopathic physician who uses a holistic approach to oral care. Dr. Porter doesn’t just treat the symptoms, but the core cause behind an oral health problem. This ensures it doesn’t arise again and cause later complications to your oral health.

Some of our general treatments include:

  • Dental Cleanings and Exams We’ll thoroughly clean your teeth to get rid of plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria. For your examination, we’ll identify cavities with our DIAGNOdent laser detection system, look for signs of oral cancer with our VELscope, and identify infected gums with microscopes. We also can perform A1C blood tests to see if you’re at risk for diabetes.
  • Gum Disease TreatmentOur Fotona LightWalker® laser removes the infection in your gums without the need for a surgery procedure. It’s a safer process, and you’ll heal faster too. We can also use bacteria gum therapy to lessen your healing time.
  • Mouthguards – Protect your smile while playing sports with a custom-made mouthguard created with digital impressions and our 3-D printer.
  • Night Guards – Avoid the damage of bruxism (or teeth grinding) with an oral appliance that acts as a barrier between your teeth. You can comfortably wear it at night, so you wake up without pain.
  • Nutritional Counseling – Your nutritional choices play a large part in the health of your mouth and body. We’ll help you make better decisions in your diet to achieve a better smile and overall health.

We also follow the ReCODE Protocol approach for patients vulnerable to Alzheimer’s. By diagnosing and treating dental infections, removing mercury or metal fillings, and relieving your sleep apnea problems, you can reduce your risk for this disease.

We avoid mercury-based fillings and fluoride treatments. It’s our way of safeguarding your body from harmful materials. If you want to replace any fillings made with mercury, Dr. Porter has SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technology) certification from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to safely remove them from your mouth.

Before your next appointment with us, you may want to do a self-screening for chronic system inflammation as well as a tooth decay risk assessment to gain an understanding of your overall and oral health.

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Common Questions About General Dentistry

How is holistic dentistry different from general dentistry?

Holistic biologic dentistry means we look beyond your mouth and address your entire body through advanced testing of your A1C, Vitamin D, pH levels, and much more. Your oral health is not separate from the rest of your body; it all works together. Dr. Porter understands those connections and can treat your oral health accordingly.

Can specialists practice general dentistry?

In theory, any dental specialist could practice general dentistry. However, most specialists prefer to focus their work in their chosen specialty. Dr. Porter has completed extensive training to offer many specialty services in addition to routine care for your overall health benefit.

Why is general dentistry important?

General dentistry is important because it forms the basis for a healthy mouth and long-lasting smile. Your teeth and gums can deteriorate without regular primary dental care, causing you to need more invasive treatments like tooth fillings, dental crowns, root canal therapy, and even dental implants. Ask us about the many advanced tests we can run to check on various aspects of your health and how they work together.