Braces to Fit Your Lifestyle [video]

Alyssa was hesitant to get braces, as she was afraid they would detract from her professional image. But she’s been impressed with how subtle they look on her teeth, and she knows a beautiful smile will make them well worth it. To schedule an orthodontic appointment at Synergy Dental, fill out our online form or call 307-682-3100. ...

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Finding The Right Combination For A Better Smile [video]

Paulette had issues with her smile for much of her life. She was in need of a replacement for her partial, and she had an underbite as well. When she first visited our dentist office in Gillette, WY, she looking for a dentist who could give her a dental implant. What she gained was something more. At Synergy Dental Center, Dr. David Porter took a close look at her situation. He developed a plan ...

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Finding Invisalign In Gillette, WY

If you are ready to boost the health and appearance of your smile, but not ready for the clunky metal braces pictured here, Dr. Porter can set you up with an Invisalign clear braces treatment program. All you have to do is contact us online to schedule your adult orthodontics consultation at our Gillette, WY dentist’s office. We’ll take care of the rest!   ...

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Get Your Best Look With Invisalign

Have you checked out your smile in the mirror lately? We know that it is almost Halloween, but hopefully what you see won’t scare you. Are you more or less content with the way your teeth are shaped and positioned, or do you wish there was a way for you to improve your smile without too much hassle? If you could stand to improve upon a few things, then you are in good company. A large ...

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Invisalign For A Better Smile Design

If you are tired of gaps between your teeth, overcrowding in your mouth, crooked teeth, or generally feeling embarrassed when you smile, then Dr. Porter is exactly who you need to see about your adult orthodontic issues in Gillette, WY! At the Synergy Dental Center, we have the tools, training, and technology to take your smile where it needs to go! But I’m Too Old For Braces! We understand ...

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