Can A Sleep Appliance Make Your Vacation Restful? [QUIZ]

If you have a family and snore loudly and constantly, they know it. And they probably don’t appreciate it much, especially if you’re in tight quarters on vacation. It’s likely that snoring keeps up your family or your bed partner more than it disrupts your sleep! If your snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, though, you all could benefit from a sleep appliance in Gillette. You’ll be ...

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A Holistic Smile Makeover In Gillette [BLOG]

This summer, while you are making the rounds socially, the first thing that others will notice about you is your smile. That’s why, if your pearly whites are in disrepair, you’ll want to see what we can do to remedy that situation ahead of time with our extremely effective cosmetic dentistry treatment options. Keep reading to get a feel for the possibilities that here, and then be sure to ...

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Schedule An Appointment Using Dental Insurance [VIDEO]

Welcome to the month of June! This is the perfect time to set up your next six-month dental checkup appointment at our office, where you’ll get to experience a truly unique type of dentistry because our team treats you as a whole body, not just a smile. If you currently have dental insurance, two of these preventive dentistry visits are likely part of your annual benefits. For more details ...

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Sleep Apnea Solutions For Total Health [BLOG]

As a holistic dentist’s office, we are concerned with your total health and wellness, not just things like cavities. One scenario that can adversely impact your continued well-being is when your life is continually disrupted by sleep apnea. Today we’re going to talk more about this dangerous condition, and what a dentist like Dr. Porter can do to help you address it in a safe and effective ...

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Preventive Dentistry For Total Health [VIDEO]

It is no secret that our team practices total health dentistry, which means that everyone in our office understands the relationship between your oral health and the health of your whole body. That’s why we are so big on dental cleanings and oral exams. These regular checkups will help you maintain a healthy and attractive smile, and your overall state of well-being. Plus, when you are here ...

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Can Clear Aligners Save My Smile? [BLOG]

Here at Synergy Dental Center, we’re not like everybody else, and our treatments are not like everyone else’s. For example, you won’t believe how different clear aligners are from the more conventional orthodontic treatments. We've been paying attention to these sort of innovations and that’s why we currently offer two different methods: ClearCorrect and Invisalign. Both options are great ...

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Boost Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening [VIDEO]

You are not the only one not looking forward to weddings, graduations, cookouts, and more on account of the condition of your stained, yellowed, or otherwise discolored teeth. But you are the only one who can take the necessary steps to prepare yourself for all those summer events right here at our holistic dentistry office. We currently offer KöR whitening, a professional-strength teeth ...

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Preventive Dentistry Tips From Gillette, WY

We take a holistic approach to dental health around here. Still, preventive dentistry is the foundation of everything else that we do. After all, a healthy smile and a healthy body go hand in hand. Some of your preventive dental care happens when you are here for your regular checkups and cleanings, but a lot of it will be up to you to take care of at home in-between visits to our comfortable ...

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Comprehensive Dentistry Right Here In Gillette WY

At Synergy Dental Center of Gillette, Wyoming, we want to make it easy for you to get the high-quality care you’ll need in the months, years, and decades to come. To that end, we have invested in modern tools, training, and technologies that are designed to more effectively keep your mouth clean and your smile looking its best through every stage of life. Keep reading to hear more about what we ...

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Preventive Dentistry For The Whole Family [BLOG]

Here at Synergy Dental Center we make family dentistry a cornerstone of our practice so that it will be easier for you to access all the preventive dental care you’ll need to keep your crew healthy in Gillette, WY. Not every dentist’s office in the area can do what we can all under one roof. Keep reading to hear more about the benefits of preventive dentistry and then be sure to call us at ...

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