Find Help With Relieving Dental Anxiety in Sturgis, SD

Many people avoid the dentist because of extreme anxiety or fear. However, your oral health is negatively impacted when you don’t have regular checkups and stay on top of any dental issues. By visiting Synergy Dental Center, you’ll meet with a caring team that can help you with relieving dental anxiety in Sturgis, SD. We prioritize your comfort while you are here with:

  • Private care rooms with TVs and calming music
  • Heated massage chairs, warm water rinses, and soft blankets
  • Several sedation options to ease your nerves
  • A biological approach to dental care for comprehensive treatment

You’ll love the peace of mind you have when you visit us for your dental needs. Call 605-206-6200 to schedule a stress-free appointment with our team.

Say Goodbye to Your Dental Fear

We understand that it can feel nerve-wracking to visit the dentist, but by staying on top of regular cleanings and exams, you’ll avoid more extensive or complicated procedures later down the road. We not only thoroughly clean the areas you miss at home, but we’ll also examine your mouth for signs of tooth infection, cavities, or gum disease. Addressing problems when they’re small makes it far less stressful for you and much easier for us to treat.

Whatever the reason you are coming to see us, you’ll be pleased to know we have many ways to relieve your anxiety. We offer:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Laughing gas will help you relax during your visit so your procedure feels much easier. It’s even safe for children and has no lasting effects after your appointment.
  • Oral Sedation – Before your appointment, you’ll take a small pill we’ll prescribe for you. It gives you a deep sense of calm when you arrive, and you’ll barely remember a thing following your visit.
  • IV Sedation – With this deep level of sedation, you’ll feel completely comfortable during your appointment. It’s a great way to get through an extensive procedure.
  • Comforting Amenities – We help you feel at home with private rooms, heated massage chairs, and soft blankets. Plus, you can stay happily distracted with our in-room TVs and music.

You no longer have to fear the dentist when you visit Synergy Dental Care for your oral care needs. For help with relieving dental anxiety in Sturgis, SD, call 605-206-6200 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.