Getting healthier is something we can get behind any time of the year. But the start of a new year is a great time to outline your goals and come up with a plan to meet them. If you’re considering a new exercise routine or diet for 2024, why not also plan to improve oral health? Since a healthy mouth is closely connected to a healthy body, you’ll also improve your overall health!

If you need to make an appointment to visit our office, call us now: 307 228 7117 for Gillette, WY or 605 702 2533 for Sturgis, SD. In the meantime, check out our suggestions for improving your dental health:

  • Schedule Regular Exams and Cleanings – To maintain a healthy smile, visit us every six months for a cleaning and exam. We remove disease-causing bacteria and plaque from your teeth. We also use exams to find issues that may need attention. Unlike most general dentists, we perform a wide variety of screenings to assess your dental health and your overall health. For example, we do an A1C test that measures your blood sugar level, a heart rate variability test to look at your automatic nervous system, and an oral bacterial test to gain a more complete picture of your dental health. 
  • Replace Missing Teeth – It’s important to replace missing teeth. They affect your oral health and your overall health. When nearby teeth move out of place, you’ll have problems with your bite. You may also have trouble chewing foods, especially healthy ones like fresh fruit and vegetables. At our office, you have many options for replacing missing teeth. We often recommend dental implants. They can be used to replace any number of teeth. Unlike other replacement teeth, they’ll prevent losing bone mass in your jaw. At our practice, we use non-metal zirconia implants. 
  • Correct Crooked Teeth – If your smile is crooked, you know how it affects your appearance. But it also adversely impacts your oral health. Crooked teeth create problems with bite alignment. Plus, it can be tough to keep your teeth clean. At our office, we offer Invisalign. These transparent aligners are a great alternative to metal braces. If you worry that you lack the self-discipline to wear the removable aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day, you can choose Six Month Smiles instead. 
  • Treat Your TMJ Disorder – A TMJ disorder can cause a lot of problems, including jaw pain and headaches. You can also damage your teeth if you grind them (a habit often linked to TMJ troubles). Our practice is one of only about 300 facilities that offers treatment with a device called TruDenta. It stops teeth grinding and helps your jaw heal. Dr. Porter may add other treatments, including massage, force balancing, ultrasound therapy, or microcurrent electrostimulation. 
  • Sleep Better With Sleep Apnea Treatment – If you have sleep apnea, you’ll experience short interruptions in breathing numerous times during the night. This doesn’t just affect the amount of rest you get. It can cause many health problems, including high blood pressure. Dr. Porter offers several kinds of treatment, including a custom-made oral appliance, a laser that loosens tissue around your airway so it’s easier to breathe, and myofunctional therapy to correct the position of your tongue and facial muscles. 

Let us help you improve oral health in 2024! Call us today: 307 228 7117 for Gillette, WY or 605 702 2533 for Sturgis, SD.