Set Your Child Up for Success With Preventive Orthodontics in Sturgis, SD

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teens and adults. In fact, we recommend you bring your child in to see us by age 6 or 7 so that we can evaluate them for orthodontic problems. If we see any issues that need to be addressed, Dr. Porter offers preventive orthodontics in Sturgis, SD that can help your child’s jaw and facial structure develop normally. With early treatment, we can help your child:

  • Avoid extensive orthodontic treatment later on
  • Prevent problems in their developing jaw
  • Improve the appearance of their facial structure
  • Avoid breathing problems by opening up their airway
  • Speak more clearly and avoid embarrassment

To schedule an appointment for your child with Dr. Porter, call Synergy Dental Center today at 605-206-6200.

Early Orthodontics Helps Promote Proper Bone Development

Your child’s facial development plays a crucial role in their overall health. Without proper bone development in their jaws and face, your child could suffer from breathing-related issues such as sleep apnea when they get older. Breastfeeding helps promote healthy bone growth, which leads to proper airway development and good facial aesthetics. However, if you didn’t breastfeed or didn’t breastfeed long enough, your child may benefit from preventive orthodontics, also known as orthotropics.

Orthotropics is an area of oral health that promotes the proper development of facial bones. Ensuring proper bone growth when they’re young helps your child’s airway develop normally so they can breathe easily. Dr. Porter is the only provider in the multistate area who offers orthotropics. We can use special appliances to facilitate proper bone growth in your child, including ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals) and a Crozat appliance. Along with ensuring your child has proper tongue function and breathing habits, these appliances can help with bite issues, dentofacial deformities, and teeth crowding. Dr. Porter will be happy to discuss all the available options with you and your child.

With early intervention, we can:

  • Guide your child’s facial bone growth
  • Help them potentially avoid the need for more extensive orthodontic care later on or having teeth removed to prevent crowding
  • Correct open mouth posture,  a problem that can narrow the shape of your child’s mouth and lead to breathing problems

We encourage you to bring your child in for an evaluation for preventive orthodontics in Sturgis, SD. Doing so can help ensure they enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles and better overall health. Call Synergy Dental Care today at 605-206-6200. You can also make an appointment online.