Unless you work in the dental field, what you know about your oral health is probably going to be limited to your own experience as a patient.

And for some people, that’s plenty! You follow the checklist of good dental habits like daily brushing and flossing, try to maintain a pretty healthy diet, and you never miss a dental checkup.

Beyond that, what’s to know, right?

You might be surprised!

The mouth is part of the body, and that means problems with your teeth or gums can have a big impact on your total wellness.

And one of the secrets to keeping them both in great shape is biologic dentistry, a holistic approach to dental care that takes your entire being into account. Your body is an incredible machine, capable in ways you couldn’t imagine when it’s powered properly.

This philosophy translates to an exceptional kind of care you don’t find in just any dental practice.

But you’ll find it here! As the first and only board-certified naturopathic physician in the entire state, Dr. Porter can help you reach a better state of oral health using organic, biocompatible materials and offering additional holistic services to optimize your healing.

Check out today’s video to hear more about this type of care in Gillette, WY, and then come and experience it for yourself!

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