At Synergy Dental Center, we’re a biologic-focused dental practice. That means we prioritize the use of biologically-friendly materials that promote your overall oral well-being. When it comes to repairing dental cavities and restoring damaged teeth, we use the safest filling available. This way, we can ensure your oral and whole health are protected from any harm in our materials. Today, we’ll explore the benefits of amalgam-free fillings and how we use them to repair your smile.

Why Do We Use Amalgam-Free Fillings?

At our practice, we’re committed to keeping your mouth and body safe. That’s why we use the safest and most compatible materials when restoring your smile. Amalgam (or metal) fillings have been shown to cause a wide variety of health problems, including increasing your chance for Alzheimer’s Disease. However, composite materials are completely safe in your mouth and biologically compatible with your body. Plus, not only do we use amalgam-free (or composite) fillings, but Dr. Porter is also certified to remove amalgam fillings from your mouth. 

Benefits of Amalgam-Free Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are more than just safe, they come with a variety of other benefits too:

  • More Attractive: While this isn’t the primary reason, it is a major perk of using composite fillings. The material will blend in naturally with your teeth and look just like a normal part of your tooth. 
  • Less Healthy Tooth Structure Removed: Using composite materials means we won’t have to remove as much of your tooth structure. As a result, you maintain more of your natural tooth, which is always a priority for us.
  • Reduced Risk for Tooth Sensitivity: Because the resin in the composite filling insulates your tooth from temperature changes, you’ll have less tooth sensitivity as a result.

How We Use Fillings to Repair Your Teeth

A filling is one of the most common restorative procedures. We use it all the time in our practice to restore our patient’s smiles. You may need a filling if you have:

  • Cavities

If you have a cavity, that means your tooth has developed a tiny hole. It’s usually caused by a variety of factors, including oral hygiene habits, food choices, and the amount of bacteria in your mouth. If your cavity is small enough, we’ll remove the decayed portion and use composite filling material to restore our tooth.

  • Damaged Teeth

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, we can use fillings to give you healthy teeth again. For more serious damage, we may recommend a crown or a partial crown, known as an inlay or onlay. Your dentist will review what’s necessary to repair your smile.

Find out more about the benefits of using a biomimetic dental practice to repair your smile. Call Synergy Dental Center in Gillette, WY today at 307 228 7117 (Gillette) 605 702 2533 (Sturgis) or schedule online.