While it’s easy for people to brush their teeth every day, not everyone makes it a habit of flossing. Unfortunately, by skipping this important step in your oral hygiene routine, you miss out on many benefits. You keep harmful bacteria from reaching your gumline, your get rid of food particles between your teeth, and your mouth stays much healthier. 

So, how can you remember to floss like you do when you brush your teeth? We’re sharing a few tips for you to keep in mind:

  1. Leave a note for yourself.

One of the best ways to remember to floss is to leave a note for yourself in the place you brush your teeth. You can keep it simple and just write the word, “Floss!” or keep it blank as a cue to floss after you brush.

  1. Keep track of the habit.

It takes roughly two months for something to become a habit. So, until your flossing ritual becomes a habit, keep track in a notebook of each day you floss. 

  1. Reward yourself.

Every time you floss for seven days in a row, treat yourself to a small reward. Make it a small treat or prize for yourself, but try not to make it a sugary treat since too much sugar harms your teeth. 

  1. Leave floss everywhere you go.

One of the easiest ways to remember to floss is by leaving floss everywhere you go. Keep floss in your purse, in bathrooms, by your bed, or at your desk at work. When it’s easy to access, you are more likely to keep up the habit.

  1. Pair it with another routine.

While it’s obvious to pair your flossing routine with brushing, consider pairing it with another habit if it’s not instinctive to floss before brushing. For example, consider flossing after a meal. It’s not only going to get the food out of your teeth, but it may also help you avoid any snacking afterward.

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