Building good oral care habits in your child is often easier said than done. That’s why it’s so important to start as early as possible! Building a strong foundation of oral health can mean a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Today, we’re sharing a few tips that will help you encourage your child to care for their smile.

1. Brush your teeth together.

One of the best ways to encourage good behavior is by being a good example yourself. Even if you can only do it once a day, brush your teeth with your child. Show them your technique and have them mimic your behavior. Talk about the importance of getting all sides of your teeth, making circular motions with the toothbrush, and brushing the tongue too.

2. Have them pick out their dental care supplies.

Children love being able to pick out their toothbrushes! Have them select one of their favorite characters or favorite colors, and also let them choose the toothpaste flavor too. Floss often comes in different flavors too. If you plan on traveling this summer, let your child pick out a carrying case for them to put their toothbrush and other supplies.

3. Develop a reward system.

One great way to encourage your child is by developing a type of reward system. Keep track with a sticker chart that leads up to them getting a small toy or activity of their choice. Be sure to avoid rewards that are associated with sugar or sweets. Sugar can encourage the development of cavities, which is determinantal to the growth of healthy teeth!

4. Talk about how food affects their teeth and gums.

As your child enjoys certain foods and eats various meals, point out how foods play a part in their oral health and physical health. If they’re enjoying a snack that has carrots or celery, point out how both help keep teeth strong. Talk about how milk helps their teeth grow strong and healthy! At the same time, point out how too many sugary treats can negatively affect their teeth.

5. Bring them to the dentist regularly.

Even if your child hasn’t had their first tooth yet, they’ll still benefit from early exposure to the dentist. By bringing your child to the dentist when they are small, it helps them get a positive feeling about the experience. If your child is old enough for a cleaning, they’ll especially love our Hands-On Learning Lab™! It lets them interact with fun equipment that teaches them about their teeth and oral health.

Take a step in the right direction by developing good oral care habits in your child. If you don’t have a family dentist, call Synergy Dental Center in Gillette, WY today at 307 228 7117 (Gillette) 605 702 2533 (Sturgis) or schedule online.